Diamonds on white gold hoop earrings work well with a variety of fashion styles from casual to classic.

As you know, earrings add a certain level of finesse to your look—which is a great reason to wear them regularly! However, there is another important reason to wear your earrings at least once a week:

If you do not wear your earrings for long periods of time—the pierced holes in your ears start to heal and eventually close!

If the holes completely heal and you can no longer put your earrings on, fortunately you can do one of two things.

A. Go get your ears re-pierced.

B. Try to open the holes in your ears yourself.

The process is easy—just follow these steps!

1. Simply place the post of the stud into the indentation in your ear.
2. Push the earring post into the indentation.
3. With your other hand, rub the back of your ear with your index finger.
4. Keep pushing the post into the indentation and keep rubbing the back of the ear with your index finger.
5. After some time, you will see that the post eventually finds its way through your ear.

Now, do the same thing on the other side of the ear. That’s all there is to it!

Have a Happy Day!

– Jeanne