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 You're invited to learn about jewelry in our Video Education Center taught by a GIA Graduate Gemologist.  

Custom Jewelry Designs

Jewelry design is an beautiful art form practiced for thousands of years.  And what better way to express your individuality than creating your own one-of-a-kind custom piece of fine jewelry.  At the Classic Rock online store, headquartered  in San Jose, California, we’re happy to help you make your own jewelry designs a reality. With our expert jewelry designers, we’ll bring your vision to life—and create a treasured heirloom you can pass down to your future generations.  

For a complimentary consultation, please call us or book an appointment online.

5-Star Yelp Reviews

… It was important to me that my wedding band by the end-all-be-all of rings, one ring to own them all. We went back and forth on the design a few iterations, but by the time I saw the finalized CAD model, I knew we had a winner. The actual wedding band, however, managed to still exceed my expectations. It’s nothing short of jaw dropping. Five supernovas.”

– Torrey W. Campbell, CA